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About Marc Charles-Nicolas (Biography)  

The profile of Marc-Charles ranks among the most technically diverse and knowledgeable computer or information technology professionals. He has worked for some of the largest technological and financial corporations of the world such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell / Perot Systems, Siemens, Alcon Labs, Bank Of America, Citi Group, JP Morgan Chase, Washington Mutual, etc. Marc Charles is fluent in Creole, French, Spanish, English and some Italian and German.

His Childhood

Marc Charles-Nicolas was born in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. His parents enrolled him in St. Joseph, a Salesian, elementary school at the tender age of five. Early on, the young Marc-Charles showed signs of intelligence. He discovered articles from prolific Haitian writers such as Aubelin Jolicoeur and Julien Montas and understood when he was barely 14 years old.  

From the age of sixteen deprived of his father, Marc-Charles was already Class president of Our Lady of Lourdes College and twice his classrooms president. He was also President of the magazine of the Catholic college Our ​​Lady of Lourdes and later President of AJRC, one of the largest youth groups of the city of Port-de-Paix. Similarly, he showed an early affinity, a boundless passion for great literature, for living and dead languages. He also dreamed of being an accomplished pianist and a Casanova of the art of writing.  

At seventeen, he was chosen by the United States Information Service (USIS) and USAID as one of the ten brightest young men of Haiti. He received a scholarship of cultural rapprochement, allowing him to be immersed in the American culture to learn about and  visit the states of Louisiana, Texas, Maryland and Washington D.C.  


2) In 1999, at Oklahoma City University, He earned  Masters Degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems

3) In 1996, he could be found at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville conducting Geographic Information Science research  using USDA data.  GIS is a more overarching, and academic field dealing with the totality of hardware, software, geospatial data, and their interactions.

4) In 1990, this bulimic of knowledge begins a new experience at the University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Five years later, he secured a bachelor’s degree and became an Engineer Agronomist with focus on business management.

1) Port-au-Prince in 1990, he graduated from Jean Price-Mars high School. 


Experienced consultant with extensive and diverse knowledge in the Information Technology field;   Marc-Charles will be found later in Dallas, Texas working for IBM where he began his career in computer science in  the position of :

1) 1999 IBM Software engineer in the Languages Team licensing software and supporting C, C++, Visual Age C and C++, Java, COBOL, PASCALE and FORTRAN.  It was an environment where you  rub shoulders with some of the finest Software Engineers, programmers and developers of the USA.

2) 2002 IBM Software Engineer in the Command Team supporting the Executive UNIX (AIX platform) commands, solving very difficult problems.  

3) 2004 IBM Software Engineer in the Kernel TeamSupporting the kernel, The UNIX commands, front-end and backend storage, the UNIX AIX Logical Volume Manager.  The kernel team once again was an environment where you work  alongside and support some of the brightest systems administrators. 

3) 2006 Dell / Perot Senior Systems Administrator:  After seven years of software engineering, Marc-Charles later continues to make noteworthy feats at Dell / Perot Systems where he became senior systems administrator and subject matter expert responsible for different Dell/Perot Systems accounts such as Parkland hospital, Standford Univ. Hospital, La Quinta, etc. He utilized daily broad-based knowledge of LVM, AIX server builds and Installation, Virtualizatlion (VIO), NIM, HACMP, LDAP, LPAR, DLPAR, security, scheduler, backup, performance.

4) WAMU & Siemens - Systems Engineer IIIHe later worked at Washington Mutual Bank for Siemens where he became a Systems Engineer III.   He had to support Data Centers of over five thousand servers running UNIX AIX, UNIX Solaris, HP-UX, LINUX and Wintel. 

5) HP IT Data Architect:  He later joined Hewlett Packard and worked at AT&T as an Information Technology Data Architect. Data Center Migration

6) Alcon LAB - UNIX Infrastructure Architect: To Work in a Data center Migration and  UNIX infrastructure Development.

7) IBM Systems Administrator III: He  later returned to IBM to work as third level Systems Administrator and to help with the build infrastructure team.  He is responsible for clustered servers, Virtual servers, smart cloud servers, cloud servers and legacy NPIV and Non-NPIV servers builds (UNIX AIX and Linux).

After the earthquake of January 2010, Microsoft and Google appealed to Marc-Charles to help as a participant in the creation of the free online translation service to translate from and to Haitian Creole.  

Books written by Marc-Charles Nicolas  

Marc-Charles with an excessive ink and an inexhaustible pen is the author of:

1) Perfumed Paradise

2) Poetic Dream and Soul Possession

3) Poetic walking towards my homeland

4) Extra income in times of hardship)

5) 80 Chorded Gospel Choir Songs for Dummies.

6) A thesis on profitability of corn in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

 As a Poet, Marc-Charles feels a deep connection to Haiti and his national identity.  Art and love for his homeland are intrinsically linked and used in his writing.  He wrote an entire anthology of love dedicated to Haiti..

In his books perfumed paradise, poetic dreams, meanings and sounds are intimately linked resulting in concentrated poems, characterized by sensually evocative phrases. His books are filled with assonant, richly descriptive adjectives and also spiritual metaphors.  

He writes in English, French, Spanish and Creole. His literary language is marked by great scope and richness of words.  

Once again Marc-Charles amazes us with his musical eclecticism pushed even further by his passion for the piano. He loves classical music, the blues, but especially religious music (Gospel). He has played the role of pianist for churches in the United States.

He is also the Owner and creator of websites such as www.unixaix.com and www.mcnits.com and www.weplaybyear.com.

Additional information is available on the website http://www.marcnicolas.com and also http://www.maestronico.com.


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