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I am an IT Enterprise Architect and a professional level 5, a UNIX AIX / Linux System Administrator, an Azure Cloud Engineer with 22 years of extensive experience in the IT Industry. With an outstanding skill range, I have worked in complex high end server/client environments and multi-operating systems running AIX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, VIO. My multi-faceted experience comprised of system administration, system Engineering, Software Engineering and IT Architecture, migrations, upgrades, troubleshooting and application support with broad-based expertise AIX 7.1 , 6.1 and 5L and Linux RHEL 7.x, 6.x, 5.x. Expertise in Maintenance of hardware and software, also systems engineering, architecture, disaster recovery, data center migration, implementations and integrations, cloud servers build, NPIV and Non-NPIV servers, design, installation, configuration maintenance, tuning and troubleshooting of servers running AIX 7.1, 6.1/5.3/5.2/5.1, Sun Solaris 10.0/9.0/8.0, etc. As a SME subject matter expert for different Healthcare accounts, I have applied leadership ability to identify root cause, resolve problems and improve operations. I have also proven outstanding product delivery and management through strong written and verbal communications with a well-developed aptitude for acquiring new skills Professional skills include systems design and solutions architecture and Unix Engineering for AIX, Linux, server build and Installation, VIO, HACMP, LDAP, security, backup, hands-on experience on AIX Performance and Tuning and Powerbroker as an authentication and security Tool; AIX and Linux Migration and Server build, LVM, Networking, Ansible, Puppet, AWS, MS-Azure, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Monitoring Engineering and Project Management. Tool.

  • Solid Knowledge in Cloud server build, UNIX AIX, Linux and Solaris, technical support, capacity planning and security. HACMP, Power-HA, LPAR, DLPAR, VIO, IBM Power6, Power7, Power8, AWS, AZURE, DevOps
  • Expertise in Disaster recovery, migration, system integration, networking and LVM, virtualization
  • In-depth technical skills with good knowledge of new technologies
  • Detailed knowledge of AIX System Administration and Linux system administration
  • Knowledge of technical documentation Puppet, Chef, Ansible and application administration.
  • Virtualization:VMware ESX 3.x, IBM VIOs, IBM Smartcloud.
1999– M.B.A. Business Administration / Management Of Information SystemUNIVERSITY OF GUADALAJARA, Jalisco
1996 – B.S. Agri-Business Engineering, Business Administration
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, good knowledge of Italia
10/2020 To Present MICROSOFT cORP.          aZURE CLOUD SUPPORT Engineer
Working as a cloud Engineer for Microsoft Corp. and served as technical resources for Microsoft customers to deliver unique value by collaboratively and reactively solving customer problems, involved in configuration and support for Linux Red Hat, Unbuntu, Debian, SUSE and Windows Virtual Machines.
Worked with Active Directory Administration, Managed domains, Azure Key Vault, Encryption and Security on AZURE used Power shell script. Addressed RDP and SSH and Bastion connection issue.
Created Azure Virtual Machines snapshots, Hyper-V Virtual machines, DNS, Network Security Groups (NSG) and subnets, Web Apps, PaaS, and IaaS. Working with disk encryption, VM resizing and Azure storage.
Troubleshooting the Azure configuration and Performance issues with Azure VMs and Networking issues with VPN, Express route, UDR, User Defined Route, firewall and antivirus applications. Administering 2008, Windows Server 2003/2008/2008r2/2012
Providing solutions to a variety of technical problems of moderate scope and complexity such as RDP and SSH, Bastion, NSG and support request (SR) handled as per our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and to the highest possible customer satisfaction.
Providing support to Microsoft’s Enterprise customers and interacted with multiple teams who are responsible fix azure storage, connection, performance problem.
09/2019 To 9/2020  Wipro / Microsoft  Lead UNIX Administrator and Application Support Engineer       
Lead patching and management of Solaris 10 and 11 servers, and patching of Linux OEL and Red Hat V6 and V7. Managed Oracle Solaris and Linux servers as System Administrator. Participated coordinating vulnerability identification, cyber security and remediation activities. Troubleshoot servers and application. Evaluated and
determined monitoring requirements. Served as a subject matter expert for Linux and Solaris system issues. Monitored database migration and Disaster Recovery management programs. Managed multiple on-going projects, duties involved installation of YUM servers, PowerHA (HACMP). Participated in Linux patching projects by lending technical expertise. Applied patches quarterly to meet audit requirements using Red Hat Satellite server, YUM and RPM tools. Helped to document current infrastructure, developed SOP and Knowledge Based documents for repetitive and critical tasks. Worked on VMware, SAN Storage while supporting
the infrastructure. Designed, implemented, and supported various Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. Conducted in depth technical IAM research, assessments and performance analysis to support and design technical automated IAM strategies.
Lead scalability and performance planning for future IAM needs.
10/2018 To 09/2019 American Airlines Headquarter
Lead Linux / AIX system Administrator application support
Responsible for software installations, Application Support such as ROVR, G-Lisa, system builds, system patching, Evaluating new OS releases, test in the lab, and developing templates for production deployments. Developing and deploys monitoring solutions to keep the systems running smoothly. Maintaining access control lists, disk storage management, data backup, and recovery. Maintaining and configures infrastructure tools to monitor and manage the environment health. Driving solutions for problems escalated from other teams and collaborates with Engineering for overall stability and management of the production environment. Identifying and implements improvements to the process, procedures, documentation, and systems. Participating in 24 X 7×365 on-call pager rotation as part of a larger team. Providing off-hours coverage and support for maintenance during outage windows or planned upgrades
11/2017 to
DXC / Hewlett Packard Enterprise Plano, TX
AIX / Linux Professional System Administrator
ITIL frame work methodology. Coordinating hardware/software installations and upgrades to ensure the IBM Power8, Power7 and Power6 servers work properly and are performing in accordance with
company policy. Recommending resolution to complex matters of significance and coordinates the implementation of the approved course of action. Coordinates and monitors troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common system problems; documents system events to ensure continuous functioning. Recommends course of action and implements as approved. Overseeing the installation of client department-specific applications and systems. Ensures installations are in accordance with appropriate operating procedures; determines revisions or updates to installation as needed. Coordinates testing, upgrades and providing system support for all UNIX AIX and Linux based software by implementing, monitoring and maintaining systems and application software running under UNIX AIX 7.1 and Linux 7 L. Maintaining UNIX/Linux Operating System to provide optimum performance and system availability. Supporting software vendor to ensure application software is installed correctly and all current maintenance levels have been applied. Createing and maintaining environment for running batch jobs associated with daily batch cycle and batch reporting subsystem. DevOps, Ansible, OneNote, Python and Bash Shell Scripting. Provide expertise in DevOps and Redhat Linux administrations. Use AWS, DevOps, MS Azure, SE Linux Skills and received certificates. ITIL and Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. Supported Apache in a Linux environment. PHP was used in conjunction with GD for graphics manipulation. All web sites used MySQL on the backend. Involved in all phases of the project life cycle, including scope specification, design, development, testing, deployment, and documentation/training.
Linux Apache, PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript. Used Java- and Javascript-based interfaces for website. Used Openstack and openshift.
Participated in Disaster Recovery events ensuring planning, prechecks, and execution are addressed leading to successful events.
06/2011 to
IBM (International Business Machines )
AIX / Linux Administrator / System Administrator
  • Build and deployed successful AIX and Linux Red Hat servers for IBM customers.
  • Used system architecture and design to build IBM POWER-based p5/P6/P7 series servers, cloud servers, SCE+ smart cloud servers, NPIV and Non-NPIV servers.
  • Responsible for performing installation and build of Linux 6.9 Server Build, RHEL 7.2, maintenance, decoms, and regular upgrades of Red Hat Linux Servers Linux RHEL 6.x, 7.x and AIX on LPAR, worked with VIO servers Virtualization and client’s servers, used NIM network installation manager for configuration and architecture of AIX.
  • Bash Shell scripting knowledge CMS such as puppet and Ansible for automation.
  • Managed multiple on-going projects, duties involved installation of SAP application, PowerHA, ORACLE, Db2, LDAP, Lotus Notes etc.
  • Tracked performance, utilization, and adherence to service metrics for assigned customers.
  • Created technical documentation for customer environments, processes, standards, technical training, and support procedures.
  • Monitored and managed infrastructures using monitoring tools such as: topas, vmstat, iostat on AIX.
    sed netgroup and LDAP as Authentication and authorization tools for advanced root privilege delegation and key logging. Hands-on experience in providing EMC storage environment like Symmetrix, EMC CLARiiON, and Celerra. Resolved the issues related to connectivity, PowerPath.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of vulnerebelities and couter measures as as well as web application security
  • Used knowledge of LVM, server build and installation and configuration, VIO, HACMP, PowerHA, LDAP, security, backup.
  • Hands-on experience on AIX Performance and Tuning and Powerbroker as an authentication and security Tool.
  • Designed, built, managed and operated IBM’s SMARTcloud platforms with a focus on automation and infrastructure.
  • Experience with Live Partition Mobility
  • System partitioning and virtualization utilizing IBM AIX POWER LPAR/DLPAR technology and Virtual IO Server (NPIV, Virtual SCSI, Virtual Ethernet etc).
07/2010 to
AIX Linux System Administrator III
  • · Managed the UNIX AIX infrastructure and provided level III support for all issues on AIX servers.
  • Duties included: planning and building new servers, installation and patching the operating system, Multibos Installation through NIM servers. Carried out multiple HMC upgrades, multiple data center inventory.
  • Took part in the data center migration exercises., Worked remotely managed logical partitions through the Hardware Management Console (HMC): Created, configured new LPARs, Installed and updated the operating system through NIM. PCI compliance was required and achieved by helping to ensure the privacy of all confidential cardholder information, and by detecting and correcting areas of potential exposure.
  • Configured SAN disk resources (EMC Symmetrix). Provided support for AIX 7.1 and 6.1, Red Hat Linux for customers in a 24×7 support of environment with high client impact hosting sites.

Environment: IBM AIX 7.1, 6.1, Red Hat Linux 6,1 Sun Solaris, Windows XP, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5, Perl, Korn Shell, IBM P595, P570, P550, IBM HACMP 5.x, IBM LPAR Validation tool, IBM HMC, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), BMC Blade Logic 7, EMC Symmetix, PowerPath, Oracle 10x, Powerbroker authentication, used PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) and LAM services for authentication in applications and Kerberos, to access server’s new servers the first time and to validate passwords. Used Active directory, SELinux, ossec, sssd. Built an array of servers using customized puppet scripts for deployment. Performed partitioning and configuring with HMC. Installation and configuration of VIO Server with AIX 5.3 on client LPAR’s on 520 and 570 models

02/2010 to
Unix Data Architect / Business Analyst
  • Provided AT&T and HP executives with analytics and decision-support; tools used as the basis for reorganization, consolidation and relocation strategies.
  • Worked extensively with the team to meet business requirements, created prototypes and analyzed workflow.
  • Engaged as IT Enterprise Architect and Business Analyst, reporting to the ATT Account to serve on many projects focused on solution architecture for new business projects blueprints, deliverable, VPMO and waves.
  • Worked to develop strategic technology blueprints and deliverables that defined the strategic direction of the organization for Responsible for data center migration.
  • Projects involved infrastructures for large-scale applications and servers, deliverables, blueprints, virtualization, zoning and consolidation.
  • Provided architecture designs, performed technical assessments of infrastructure, resulting in recommendations for business units.
  • Provided technical oversight for design and implementation, along with planning, design and implementation for ATT servers.
07/2009 to
IBM GDS ITIM / AIX GROUP, Boulder, Colorado
Unix Aix Systems Administrator
  • Upgraded middleware such as Web sphere (WAS), ITIM, to current versions.
  • Configured sendmail, built out and upgraded servers to AIX 5.3 TL8 and AIX 6.1.
  • Worked with HACMP Cluster, installed and configured LDAPMON, tune database on LDAP migrate stage from F50 machines to p570 and servers decommission, automate build process for systems installation AIX 6.1, configuration and security.
  • Sun Solaris 8/9/10, SVM, ZFS, Zoning, Virtualization (LDOMs). IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0/7.0 (Installation) Implemented, configuring and troubleshooting Veritas Volume Manager (VxVm) on Sun Servers.
  • Provided support for Security load modules are like LDAP, NIS, KRB5, and PAM.
  • VMware Technology Professional having 6+ years of I.T experience in VMware, SAN Storage, and IT Support.
  • Actively demonstrated strong analytical, troubleshooting and Interpersonal skills with a customer focused approach.
  • Worked on VMware Infrastructure 3.x/vSphere Installation & Configuration.· Implemented the cloud platform. Conducted performance testing of Apache and Tomcat management services.
  • Installed and configured IBM HTTP Server and IBM Connections.
  • Responsible Managed Linux environments
  • Installed and maintained Linux operating.
01/2008 to
SIEMENS / WAMU, Carrollton, TX
Unix Aix / Linux Systems Engineer III
  • Worked as a UNIX Systems Administrator Team Lead / Unix Systems Engineer III in a data center Environment with over 5,000 servers, Designed and built, supported and maintained UNIX servers running (UNIX AIX, SUN Solaris, HP-UX and Linux) in a distributed environment.
  • Responsible for problem resolution, performance tuning and analysis, proactive problem prevention, detection and resolution to root cause.
  • Two years of experience in middleware administration using WebSphere Product family. Including planning installation and configuration of WebSphere Application Server.
  • Experienced in applying patches for WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server. Installed, configured WebSphere Application Server 6.0. PERL scripting, PHP.
  • Took part in a Disaster Recovery Sessions, racked, stacked and installed intel/SPARC servers.
  • Handled system security, integration, analysis, architecture, and network support, Diagnosed and resolved system, network and application problems.
  • Defined and performed system backup/restore, worked with Veritas Cluster and SxVM.
  • Performed user account management, troubleshooting, system monitoring.
  • Documented, initiated and implemented changes under change management and requests.
  • Provided after-hours and maintenance support as needed. Sun Solaris 8/9/10, SVM, ZFS, Zoning,
  • Virtualization (LDOMs, Veritas Cluster (VCS). Conducted performance testing of Apache and Tomcat management services.
  • Supported PAM-enabled applications, PAM library, configuration file, and PAM modules on a system that has been configured to use PAM. PCI compliance was required and achieved by helping to ensure the privacy of all confidential cardholder information, and by detecting and correcting areas of potential exposure.
02/2006 to
Senior Systems Administrator
  • Served as a Lead SME subject matter expert for Capacity Planning Team and different other business accounts running HACMP on UNIX AIX.
  • Healthcare Experience being the SME for difference Hospital accounts.
  • Followed ITIL Best Practices for Capacity Planning
  • Reviewed performance data watching for CPU and Memory utilization issues indicating a need to upgrade systems.
  • Performed regular and ad-hoc performance analyses of mid- range servers owned by the Capacity Planning team.
  • Performed regular capacity analyses for applications such as SAS.
  • Developed processes for delivering standard reports, including Exception Reports and Performance Analysis Reports.
  • Analyzed performance data for AIX looking for resource utilization issues with CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network metrics.
  • Reset hundreds of user accounts with timed-out passwords.
  • Created new accounts for developers, database administrators (DBAs) and other administrators on pSeries Servers with different Logical Partitions (LPARs).
  • Utilized OPAS Remedy system to manage and route tickets.
  • Performed server room cable management and server move to TSM offnet backup.
  • Executed installation, customization and maintenance of operating systems and system software.
  • Worked closely with DBAs to resolve performance issues with new machines and ORACLE 10g and JD Edwards’s application.
  • Monitored and managed server processes for DBAs, restarting down services as well as debugging and troubleshooting in real time.
  • Performed database backups and restores.
  • Tested software updates and patches monitored and tuned systems in standalone and multi-tiered environments.
  • Oversaw incident resolution, problem determination and root cause analysis in accordance with service level agreements. Conducted performance testing of Apache and Tomcat management services.
  • Provided in-depth diagnosis for operating systems software/hardware failures and developed solutions.
  • Ensured server data integrity by evaluating, implementing and managing software/hardware solutions.
  • Prescribed system backup/disaster recovery procedures and directed recovery operations in case of destruction of all/part of operating system/components.
  • Contributed to two DR – disaster recovery sessions.
  • Recognized for above average performance.
  • Used BMC patrol as performance monitoring tool.
09/2002 to
KERNEL GROUP, Farmers Branch, Texas
  • Worked closely with AIX logical volume manager. LVM/VIO, performed ODM deletion and replacement of disks from volume group.
  • Contributed to daily AIX logical volume management including LVM/VIO, VIO client and server mapping. PERL scripting, PHP.
  • Performed UNIX AIX system administration routines, migration, paging space and file system changes, mirroring, system booth and recovery as well as logical volume striping.
  • Executed SMP booting, error reporting and physical partition allocation from disks.
  • Managed user logins, added modified and deleted user accounts.
  • Oversaw disk and file systems.
  • Set up local and remote asynchronous printers.
  • Contributed to day-to-day troubleshooting, dump analysis for end users on UNIX AIX-based applications.
  • Created user roles and groups for securing resources using local operating system authentication.
  • Held responsibility for support and reliable maintenance of applications running on AIX.
  • Troubleshot and analyzed hardware/software failures for AIX servers, including core dump and log file analysis.
  • Performed tuning of AIX servers, including CPU processes and workload utilization.
03/2001 to
COMMANDS GROUP, Coppell, Texas
IBM Software Engineer
  • Oversaw system dumps and core files analysis.
  • Supported UNIX AIX commands as well as login process, permissions, auditing, accounting, passwords/users, shell scripts, Cron, defunct process, system environment and profiles.
  • Managed user accounts and groups as well as disks and filesystems.
  • Set up local/remote asynchronous printers, modem and TTY configuration.
07/1999 to
IBM Software Engineer
  • Tested and debugged UNIX AIX applications written in C, C++, COBOL and testcases.
  • Licensed software with use of License Use Manager (LUM). Installed and updated compilers with PTFs and APARs. Configured standalone, central registry and client servers for concurrent network license, client servers and nodelock licenses through LUM.

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